Dynamics Days Europe 

Dynamics Days Europe is a series of major international conferences founded in the 1980's that provides a European forum for developments in the theory and applications of dynamics. For more than 40 years, it has been bringing together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds including physics, mathematics, biology, and engineering for interdisciplinary research in nonlinear science. 

There are also US and Asia-Pacific Dynamics Days conferences.  


XLIV Dynamics Days 2024: July 29-August 2, 2024, Bremen, Germany

The conference is located on the park-like campus of Constructor University in the North of Bremen. It offers comfortable on-campus full-board accommodation and many facilities to meet and discuss. Lecture rooms, conference halls, campus housing, and recreational facilities are all in close proximity, ensuring an excellent environment not only for the structured conference program, but also, in particular, for intense discussions, networking, and collaborative work.

The event will be embedded in the local research arena with two universities and several research institutes which engage in strong and diverse dynamical systems research, ranging from marine and climate research, medical modeling, to differential equations and ergodic theory.

On the History of DDE


Prof. Theo Geisel  (presented in DDE23)


Prof. Eckehard Schöll  (presented in DDE23)

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