Elements in Dynamical Systems

Elements in Dynamical Systems provides a forum for extended articles on both pure and applied nonlinear dynamical systems research, relevant to a broad and multi-disciplinary readership from physics, mathematics, biology, and engineering. The series is loosely structured around the annual Dynamics Days Europe conference and draws content both from plenary speakers and from leading researchers further afield. Key topics covered include:

  • Chaotic systems

  • Complex systems and Networks

  • Control systems

  • Bifurcation theory

  • Environmental Dynamics and Ecology

  • Ergodic theory

  • Fluid dynamics

  • Machine Learning for Dynamical Systems

  • Numerical analysis and Scientific Computing

  • Neuro-dynamics

  • Pattern formation

  • Soft Matter Solid MechanicsStatistical physics

  • Stochastic processes

  • Soft Matter

  • Time series analysis

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